Maximum Image Size in Safari Mobile on IOS

by William Malone
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IOS enforces a maximum image size in Safari Mobile. In most cases it's much larger than what would be used on a webpage. The limit can be encountered when developing HTML5 games and interactive applications that use large frame based animations. If an image is included that is larger than the maximum size, the image will not load.

Image types have different limitations: JPG images can be up to 32 decoded megapixels, while PNG, GIF and TIFF can be up to 3 - 5 decoded megapixels (depending on device). The maximum size for PNG, GIF and TIFF varies due to the RAM on the device. Devices with less than 256 MB of RAM can be 3 decoded MP, while other iOS devices are limited to 5 decoded MP.

Note the limitation is not measured by the file size of the image but the number of decoded pixels. One decoded megapixel (MP) is equal to an image with dimensions: 1024 by 1024 pixels regardless of the compression.

Maximum Image Size Calculator

The following calculator will determine the decoded megapixels (MP) of a PNG, GIF or TIFF image and determine if the image would load each device.

Enter the image (PNG, GIF or TIFF) dimensions in pixels:

Image Width:
Image Height:
Decoded Size:
iPod Touch 4 iPod Touch 5+ iPhone 3GS iPhone 4+ iPad
? ? ? ? ?


Give it a try by loading 1 - 36 megapixel (MP) files on your device in the demo.


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